Thursday, 14 June 2012

Setting up the blueprints:

Hello again.

Just wanted to show you some images of how I have set up the blueprints in 3DS max:

I found this video on YouTube which explains the process better than I can do it:

The car dimensions are as follows:

  • Length:  4 m 85 cm
  • Width:  1 m 64 cm
  • Height:  1 m 58 cm
  • Wheelbase:  2 m 88 cm

I will for the first time trye to make a high polygon model and then bake the texture onto a low polygon model. A bit of an overkill when all I need is a diffuse map, but I need the experience of how to do a next generation 3D model workflow.

Also the dimensions set up in 3DS max are 10 times larger than real life, which means the car will be 10 times larger. This is how I have been told, that 1c Maddox games whants the models, if they have to put them into the game engine.

Nothing very exciting yet, but I hope to get some modeling done this weekend, so tune in later for an update.

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